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“Doug quickly developed an understanding of what our business was trying to accomplish.  He immediately began working alongside our teams in a thoughtful AND passionate approach to develop a professional leadership development program that he delivered jointly with our leaders across the country.  His engaging delivery and belief in our potential was critical to the success of the program, and our teams have consistently rated these sessions as the best our company has ever offered.


Doug’s unwavering belief that organizations can only succeed over time through great leadership, and that great leaders need to be developed at all levels in the organization, has reframed how some of our less experienced leaders view their role and what their priorities need to be as successful business leaders.


Our results since partnering with Doug to launch this initiative have been game changing.  Our teams have a new understanding of their markets, their competition, and their own identity.  In the last nine months, the business has significantly out-performed expectations in a difficult commercial environment.


Our teams have begun to live these principles, and we will always consider him to be a key member of our team and coaching staff.  Can’t thank you enough, Doug.”

Chris Roeder - VP of International Paper

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We need leaders to value people as a key asset to their organization, clarify purpose in the workplace, and create better work environments for their team members. In "People Are the Plan," I provide a detail plan on how to build a team atmosphere as we move our workforce from having a renter mentality to an owner mentality. This book takes employee engagement to a new level. Leaders that can build teams and engage effectively will experience sustainable results regardless of market challenges. People need to be at the heart of the strategy and not just a cost factor.

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